One day a strong image came to my mind. It was so real that I felt I was in the storyline. On that day, I declared that I would write a book based on it. Many thought I was crazy and would never make it happen. I wondered myself. But, the characters overwhelmed me and I was sucked into the magical world of Mara Stone. Many evenings and weekends were spent in local coffee shops. When I finished my first book Remember, I decided to self-publish. This is where I found out that writing a book wasn't even the beginning of an author's journey. Knowing I needed help, I submitted my book to a small indie press. and was accepted. The best part of this was the friends I made - J.M. Northup and Sahara Foley.

Eventually, the three of us decided that we wanted more for our books and the idea of Norns Triad Publications was born. With an idea of collaboration and partnership, we set off to face the scary world of publishing together. Since then Karen J. Mossman and Temari James joined the storytellers in weaving their tales.

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